Le 16 mars 2017

«  »Good afternoon,

The M&A Today – Global Rankings – 2017 edition will provide our readership with a complete ‘Top Tier’ list. The edition identifies Global Leading Law Firms, Advisors and Financiers, who are firmly placed in the ‘Top Tier’ within their sector. The process is conducted via an international campaign, that is created through a Global poll of the readership, which asks the voting readers to put forward nominations for those firms that are, in their opinion ‘Top Tier’ within their chosen area of specialisation and sector.

The votes received and internally assessed by our Editors, and externally assessed by a panel of judges, who have been chosen for their experience and knowledge of the industry, provide a comprehensive list of firms and individuals that are truly ‘Top Tier’ and in essence set the benchmark for all others to follow.

It gives me great pleasure to deliver this announcement, which confirms you and your firm as ‘Top Tier’ within the M&A Today – Global Rankings – 2017.

Your ‘Top Tier’ recognition is as follows;

Boutique – Venture Capital Law Firm of the Year – France

During the nomination process several factors are considered.

The voting readers are asked to identify those firms that are noted for having a high degree of ability in complex situations, those that continually innovate, of course the level of service is of great importance as is overall value for money, in what continues to be a tough global economy.

In summary, the M&A Today – Global Rankings – 2017 ‘Top Tier’ program provides a benchmark of the very best of the best industry leaders, exemplary teams and distinguished organisations.

We are currently in the planning stages of producing the M&A Today – Global Rankings – 2017 edition, identifying those select, Leading Law Firms, Advisors and Financiers, allowing each to showcase their ‘Top Tier’ status. »